Also Jrue Holiday is a national treasure for picking up the bill




thinking you passed a test but failing anyways


thinking you failed, but then passing by a few points


Tom Felton: A Tour of Diagon Alley

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  • Straight haired person: Just comb it!
  • Curly haired person:


Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

August 30th.

"I want to know why it’s so important for me to have a relationship with the past stars of the team."

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when i can feel myself being really annoying but i can’t stop


Every time you comment on someone’s personal Instagram photo with ‘OTP’ or ‘I SHIP IT’ god kills a kitten.


finishing my cereal before it gets soggy is the most stressful thing in life

forevertobinist asked: Say 10 things about yourself and then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!

1. im outgoing and like socializing and meeting people

2. im just as likely to hide at home and read a book and enjoy it just as much

3. i have a special place in my heart for hockey players

4. my hair is always out of control i cant fix it this makes me sad

5. i learned today there is no way ill ever be able to hustle anyone at pool because i cant stop myself from going all in round 1

6. dogs dogs dogs dogs 

7. autumn is my favorite season because crunchy leaves and pumpkins

8. i live by the ocean

9. im not a good listener because im always thinking of unrelated things sorry friends i am an asshole

10. im v competitive its not enough that i win you also need to LOSE



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This is also happening in Iraq right now. Many young girls are taking up arms to fight and protect their families against terrorist militants who are trying to slaughter them…

No one will have a season like we had. It won’t happen again.
Laura Harvey on her team who went 17-3-6, scored 51 goals, and won the regular league shield. (via lilpinoe)